Amiel Lopez

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Amiel Lopez is a professional teacher, development worker, anthropologist, researcher, and environmental and social inclusivity advocate from Davao City, Philippines.

He is the co-founder and the chairperson of Developing the Youth with Environmentally Sustainable Advocacies to Build and Empower Lives (DYESABEL) Inc., - a non-profit, Bajau-and-youth-led organization that co-creates inclusive environmental initiatives for the people and the planet. 

Currently, he is working full-time on his MA in Anthropology thesis at Ateneo de Davao University (and as a CHSS grantee). His research is entitled "The Cry of the Earth and the Cry of the Poor: Climate Change Responses of the Bajau in Davao," which highlights the knowledge (Indigenous/Local Ecological Knowledge), experiences (meaning-making), and responses (social capital, vulnerability, and resilience) of the Sama-Bajaus (Sea Indigenous Peoples of Southeast Asia) interfacing with the changing weather and climate rooted in their cultural lifeways.