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When China Dolls Try to Speak: Self-Representation in Works of East Asian Female Directors

  • 1.  When China Dolls Try to Speak: Self-Representation in Works of East Asian Female Directors

    Posted 10-25-2022 04:17 AM
    Dear All, 

    I'm a graduate student whose research interests are feminist film theory, Asia American representation, and so on. This panel is all about the female voice and representation and encourages papers around this topic. 

    East Asian women are often portrayed as one-dimensional stereotypes in Hollywood films, such as Lotus Blossom, Dragon Lady, Minority Models, and so on. However, as more and more East Asian women enter the Hollywood production system in recent years when they take the creative power, they usually make East Asian women the protagonists of the narrative and present a different image of East Asian women from the previous stereotypes. The female voice is extremely important and relates to not only cinemas but also real life. 

    This panel will explore how East Asian women present themselves in the Hollywood film system after the 21st century, and how they are presented from one-dimensional to three-dimensional roles, and invites papers including and not excluding:

    • the cinematic stereotypes of East Asian women in Hollywood films and analyze the cultural and historical causes behind them;
    • analysis of East Asian American Female directors' works, such as The Half of it, The Farewell, and others;
    • the creating system for East Asian American Female directors in Hollywood;
    • diverse representation of Asian women in Hollywood;
    If you are interested in this topic, please feel free to contact me or reply to this message. I'm looking forward to your brilliant thoughts.

    Xinyue Wang
    Beijing Film Academy

  • 2.  RE: When China Dolls Try to Speak: Self-Representation in Works of East Asian Female Directors

    Posted 11-06-2022 10:39 PM
    Edited by Jason Pan 11-06-2022 11:29 PM
    Dear Colleague,

    My name is Jason Pan. I'm a graduate student that specializes in the field of Classical Chinese Dance in Fei Tian College, New York. My thesis is "The Relationship and Etymology of Traditional Chinese Dance, Martial Arts, and its Implications in Modern Day China". I believe my thesis resonates with your topic and would like to work with you.

    I spent last 12 years studying and practicing Classical Chinese dance and have gained in-depth understanding of this art form. I hope to help the revival of traditional culture in Asia, and to achieve this, I hope to explore the duality in Chinese culture, which in turn influenced the whole Asian hemisphere.

    I believe there is a deep connection about Chinese Classical Dance and films. Dance and films are both dynamic visual arts, and they both influence people greatly.

    If you also deem my field of research relatable to your own, I would like to join in your panel for discussion as well. Please don't hesitate to reach out!

    Jason Pan
    Fei Tian College, New York 

    Jason Pan