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Transformations of Intimacy in Asia - Call for Proposals / Participants

  • 1.  Transformations of Intimacy in Asia - Call for Proposals / Participants

    Posted 09-21-2022 11:13 AM
    Dear colleagues, 
    I would like to organize an in-person panel of papers for AAS-in-Asia 2023 in Daegu around the theme of intimacy (romantic, sexual, homosocial, familial, etc.) in Asia, past or present, with a focus on cultural change and/or emergent intimate relationships or conceptions of intimacy. The region is open to anywhere in the Asia-Pacific region and Asian diaspora. I would welcome contributions from any discipline (anthropology, sociology, history, literary and film studies, etc.).  I would also welcome those who do not want to present a paper or who are presenting on other panels, but interested in this topic, to contact me about serving as the panel's discussant. The title, "Transformations of Intimacy in Asia," is preliminary and I will adjust it and create the abstract to best fit the specific proposals of those wanting to join the panel, which might include narrowing the regional or topical focus. I am a cultural anthropologist and I will be presenting a paper on shifting understandings and practices of the gendered division of the costs of dating and the individualization of intimacy in contemporary South Korea.

    Topics of relevance include (but are not limited to):
    • Shifting attitudes towards marriage and fertility
    • Transformations in conceptions of romantic love
    • Transformations in gender relations and their implications for romantic/conjugal relationships
    • Queer intimacies
    • The portrayal of intimacy or love in film or literature

    If you are interested in joining this panel, or were thinking of organizing a panel that overlaps topically, please contact me through the discussion forum or via email: nelsonaj@uindy.edu. Please include your paper title and 250-word abstract if applicable.

    Please send your title and abstract by midnight EDT on October 17th for consideration for the panel so that if there are more submissions than can be included in a single panel, there will be time for rejected papers to find an alternative home, and also so there is time to tailor an optimally specific abstract and title and to arrange the details of the official submission.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Best regards,

    Alex J. Nelson, PhD

    Assistant Professor
    Department of Anthropology
    University of Indianapolis

    Alex Nelson
    University of Indianapolis
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