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Panel Seeking more Panelist: CFP Verge: Studies in Global Asia Journal Sponsored Panel

  • 1.  Panel Seeking more Panelist: CFP Verge: Studies in Global Asia Journal Sponsored Panel

    Posted 07-23-2022 09:21 PM
    Verge Journal sponsored panel seeks a few more panelists. Please find the panel abstract below and reach out for any help with applying.
    Write to:  Ishita Dey (ishita@sau.int) or Sarbani Sharma (sarbani.sharma@apu.edu.in).

    We will need a paper title, 250-word abstract, and 2-page CV by 1 August 2022.

    Prospective panelists will be informed by 5 August 2022 and the final submission of the panel proposal to AAS 2023 will need to be completed by 9 August 2022.

    Panel Title: Food in/of Conflict

    Scarcity, circulation, and access to food have often been the cornerstone
    of peace, forging new alliances or perpetuating the conflict by
    imperialist regimes across Asias for centuries. Concerns about food
    security have festered ecologies of war and violence, forcing
    communities across Global Asias to adapt, innovate and mitigate through
    protracted periods of conflict and violence. Building upon Asia as a
    method and recognizing multiplicities of Global Asias, we propose to
    develop a convergence between food and conflict studies to meditate on
    questions of place and space-making practices, health and nutrition,
    food-in-aid programs, politics of identities, structural violence that
    inform problems of access and in a conflict zone, etc.
    In this panel, we want to explore the following but are not limited to
    questions: How do we situate the role of food and food security in
    understanding ethnic conflicts and wars in Asia(s)? What can we learn
    about transnational Asias from experiences of food in conflict situations
    within a neoliberal economy? Has conflict produced new circuits of food
    logistics and global supply chain? How has conflict produced new food
    and food habits with the curb in rations and embargo? How has food
    been used to rebuild lives in situations of protracted conflicts, such as
    camps and transit centers?
    We invite scholars across disciplines (Anthropology, History, Sociology,
    and associated fields) to interrogate how food has been an embodied
    experience of necessity, survival, and community building from various
    contexts covering ethnic violence, imperialist propaganda, interstate
    violence, and civil war, across Asian geographies.

    Sarbani Sharma
    Azim Premji University, Bengaluru, India
    Join us at the 2023 AAS Annual Conference. Virtual: February 17-18 & Boston (In-Person): March 16-19