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Organized panel looking for panelists

  • 1.  Organized panel looking for panelists

    Posted 07-20-2022 01:59 AM

    Hi, we are looking for panelists for AAS 2023! Below is some information about the panel:

    Mediating Global Asia: Identity, Mobility and Boundary Making/Breaking

    Globalization from "above" and "below" has long been studied from Asian perspectives considering labor, migration, colonization, postcoloniality, and regional-global power dynamics. In the ongoing process of globalization (and deglobalization in recent years), as Arjun Appadurai proposes about "mediascape", media infrastructures and representation are intertwined with how desire and world imagination are formed and how population and resources move. This panel aims at exploring how inter/intra-Asian media representation and practices are intertwined with gender, racial, and ethnic relationships negotiated and contested in transnational movement (and immobility). We are also interested in how media-on-the-move and intermediality as another form of "mobility" taps into breaking/(re)making boundaries between the "above" and "below" and that between East and West, and how they address issues of global Asia and Global South.

    We welcome papers topics addressing, but not limited to, one or several points listed below:

    -        Identities in inter/intra Asian media representation and practices

    -        Intermediality, intertextuality, adaptation, and different forms of representation (cinema, digital media, literature, fine art, music, etc.) of global Asia

    -        Transnational mobility, travel, and cultural locations

    -        Geopolitics, postcoloniality, oppression and resistance in cross-cultural representation

    -        Multiculturalism, multinationalism, and identity in international media circulating global Asia

    -        Popular culture, fan reception and interpretation of media dealing with cross-cultural themes

    If you are interested in joining the panel, please send your paper description (or a 200-250 words abstract if you are already prepared) to Kaiyangx@usc.edu
    by July 31. We look forward to getting in touch with you!

    Kaiyang Xu
    Dornsife College of Letters Arts and Sciences, USC (EALC)
    Join us at the 2023 AAS Annual Conference. Virtual: February 17-18 & Boston (In-Person): March 16-19